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Parisian Ornamentals

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The Parisian Ornamentals Font Family is a product of design by Jose Jimenez and published under the Celebrity Fontz banner.

It contains 1 style.

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Parisian Ornamentals font in use

폰트 패밀리

Parisian Ornamentals 폰트 패밀리

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Parisian Ornamentals
  • Jose Jimenez


Celebrity Fontz 파운드리

The name of fab is Celebrity Fontz, a pioneer in the world of fonts. They specialize in bringing the handwriting and signatures of well-known historical figures and celebrities to the table. They also breathe new life into historic woodcut initials and showcase various personalities through fonts, which accurately portray a wide array of people's writing styles. Celebrity Fontz has created a new concept in fonts by combining philography (the love for collecting autographs) with high-quality fonts. There has been an extensive research and exploration behind the collection of these famous signatures and long-forgotten woodcut designs that appear in their fonts. Underlying all these are a team of expert type designers and collectors.


Jan 07, 2011



※ 아래 라이센스 표는 참고용입니다.

폰트 제작사의 규정에 따라 사용범위의 변동이 있을 수 있으므로 정확한 사용범위는 폰트 제작사에 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Desktop: Intended for use on a desktop workstation. The use cases extend to both personal and professional tasks, including use in desktop applications that support fonts. For instance, installing the font on your Mac OS X or Window system, use within desktop application like Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and others. You can create and print documents, as well as static images (.jpeg, .tiff, .png) The desktop license depends on the number of users. The number of users can be modified by selecting the quantity dropdown on Purchasing Options or Cart pages. Please review the agreement by the listing foundry, as some restrictions may apply. Any addition of users is cumulative. If additional users are required, simply place a new order for the same Desktop package.

  • Webfont: It's for use on a single domain. Agencies managing multiple websites might not be able to share the same webfont license across different websites. Every loaded webpage using the webfont kit (i.e, the webfont kit CSS that holds the @font-face rule) counts as a single pageview for each webfont within the webfont kit. If you aim to use in graphic images on the website, consider a Desktop license instead. Three types of webfont licenses are on offer by MyFonts: Annual, Pay Once, and Pay As You Go. Only one of these would be available for purchase.

Scope of UsePermission
Offline usage in applications like Word, InDesign, Photoshop and Print documentsX
Usage in a single domainX
Sharing across multiple websitesO


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