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P22 Broadwindsor was conceived by Ted Staunton and brought to fruition by IHOF.

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폰트 패밀리

P22 Broadwindsor 폰트 패밀리

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P22 Broadwindsor
  • Ted Staunton


IHOF 파운드리

IHOF, the International House of Font, is a boutique dedicated to featuring unique type designs and designers worldwide. Although technically a part of P22 Type Foundry, IHOF distinguishes itself by offering a broader range of styles. These range from single fonts to extensive font families, all inspired by historical designs. IHOF's catalogue comprises both historical revivals and original creations by present-day type designers.


Jan 17, 2014



※ 아래 라이센스 표는 참고용입니다.

폰트 제작사의 규정에 따라 사용범위의 변동이 있을 수 있으므로 정확한 사용범위는 폰트 제작사에 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Webfont: intended for a single domain website. The counting system tallies one pageview for each webfont in the webfont kit every time the webpage utilizing the kit is loaded. If you plan to use webfonts in graphic images displayed on the website, you may need a Desktop license. MyFonts offers three types of webfont licenses: Annual, Pay Once, and Pay As You Go. Just one of these would be applicable to a specific webfont. P22 Broadwindsor WebFont EULA

  • Desktop: for usage on a desktop workstation, for both personal and professional needs, in desktop applications with a font menu such as Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. It also allows creation and printing of documents and static images. Desktop licenses are determined by the number of font users. Additional users can be added later through cumulative Desktop licenses. P22 Broadwindsor Desktop EULA

  • App: designed for embedding in mobile applications for platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, where the font file will be incorporated in the mobile application code. P22 Broadwindsor App EULA

  • Electronic Doc: suitable for embedding in e-text products. The Electronic Doc license allows the font to be embedded in electronic publications such as eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, or interactive PDFs. An Electronic Doc license depends on the number of publications using the font. A Desktop license might be more suitable for font usage in graphic images used as the ePub cover. P22 Broadwindsor Electronic Doc EULA

  • Digital Ad/Email: for embedding in HTML5 ads. The kit may be shared with third parties assisting with ad creation, but you are solely responsible for it. Digital Ads have different usage patterns compared to websites, hence the Digital Ads license. The price varies according to usage, making it more cost-effective to use a Digital Ad license. P22 Broadwindsor Digital Ad/Email EULA

Scope of UsePermission
Use in HTML5 adsX
Single domain websiteX
Desktop workstation for personal and professional useX
Embedding in mobile applicationsX
Embedding in e-text productsX


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