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About "Mermer"

The Mermer Font Family was designed and published by Jana Orsolic.

This versatile font family comprises of 6 diverse styles and comes with multiple package options.

Mermer font in use

폰트 패밀리

Mermer 폰트 패밀리

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  • Jana Orsolic


Jana Orsolic 파운드리

The Mermer font family, named after the Serbian word for marble, is a modern take on Roman capitals and is available in six weights. It was inspired by chiseled street signs in Istria. The font is not only bold and versatile, but also able to cater to a wider range of utilizations with the addition of lowercase and Cyrillic characters. Mermer can appear sporty or high fashion due to its adaptability in more than 40 languages. The thin version has a thorny feel while the heavy version feels like a block of concrete, reflecting its versatility. Use Mermer Heavy at large sizes for a LOUD effect, perfect for posters, headlines, or logos. Alternatively, use Mermer Regular at smaller sizes for a cosy and friendly feel, ideal for menus, book covers, invitations or business cards.


Jul 31, 2019



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  • * Webfont: This license is intended for a single domain use. Agencies managing multiple websites need to acquire a separate webfont license for each website. MyFonts offers three types of webfont licenses which include Annual, Pay Once, and Pay As You Go.

  • * Desktop: For personal and professional uses, a desktop license allows usage in desktop applications with a font menu. Desktop licenses are valid for a specific number of users and are cumulative. In case more users need to be added, a new license can be acquired.

  • * App: Ideal for embedding in mobile applications in iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

  • * Digital Ad/Email: Perfect for embedding fonts into digital ads such as HTML5 ads. The licensee remains solely responsible for the usage of this kit.

  • * Electronic Doc: Suitable for embedding in electronic publications such as eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, or interactive PDFs.

Scope of UsePermission
Single Domain X
Use in Desktop ApplicationsX
Embedding in Mobile ApplicationsX
Embedding in Digital AdsX
Embedding in Electronic PublicationsX


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