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Luazerva Font Family was designed by Ilham Wahyu and published by Ilhamtaro.

Luazerva contains 1 styles.

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Luazerva font in use

폰트 패밀리

Luazerva 폰트 패밀리

    알 수 없음


  • Ilham Wahyu


Ilhamtaro 파운드리

VORTHMIRQ is a font with texture brush based on digital calligraphy, providing a thick calligraphic feel, suitable for modern designs like youth fashion, skateboard brands, quotes, and more. Its script and textured brush style ensure its flexibility to fit into non-feminine designs. To use OpenType Stylistic alternates of this font, software like Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7 are necessary.


Nov 03, 2022



※ 아래 라이센스 표는 참고용입니다.

폰트 제작사의 규정에 따라 사용범위의 변동이 있을 수 있으므로 정확한 사용범위는 폰트 제작사에 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • * Webfont: for use on a single domain, not including graphic images shown on the website. Each load counts as a pageview. Annual, Pay Once, or Pay As You Go licenses available.

  • * App: for embedding in mobile applications like iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

  • * Desktop: for use in common personal and professional desktop applications and creating print documents and static images. Licenses based on number of users, with restrictions on logo/trademark use, geographic locations, and products for sale.

  • * Digital Ad/Email: for embedding in HTML5 ads or digital ads on advertising networks. Usage patterns may vary widely.

  • * Electronic Doc: for embedding in electronic publications such as eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, or interactive PDFs. Licenses based on number of publications using the font, with updated versions not requiring new licenses.

Scope of UsePermission
HTML5 adsX
Single DomainX
Embed in mobile applicationsX
Desktop WorkstationX
Electronic PublicationsX


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