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Capsule Font Family was designed by Dave Rowland and published by Eclectotype.

Capsule contains 1 styles.

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폰트 패밀리

Capsule 폰트 패밀리

    알 수 없음


  • Dave Rowland


Eclectotype 파운드리

Dave Rowland is the founder of Eclectotype, a foundry that has been creating retail and custom type for over ten years, previously known as Schizotype. The catalog is diverse, featuring a variety of styles from practical text forms to more flamboyant display faces. Despite not following trends or expectations, which often hampers commercial success, the foundry aims to ensure each release is useful, distinctive, and engaging.


Mar 26, 2020



※ 아래 라이센스 표는 참고용입니다.

폰트 제작사의 규정에 따라 사용범위의 변동이 있을 수 있으므로 정확한 사용범위는 폰트 제작사에 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • From Desktop uses like Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc. , application embedding in iOS, Android or Windows Phone to embedding in HTML5 ads, Digital Ad/Emails, e-text products, and interactive PDF. The license is drawn based on several factors including the number of users, number of impressions the campaign requires, number of publications and its updates.

Scope of UsePermission
For use on a desktop workstation in applications like MS word, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
For embedding in mobile applications.
For use in HTML5 ads.
For use on a single domain. Not for sharing across multiple websites.
For embedding in e-text products like e-Books, eMagazines, eNewspaper, Interactive PDF.


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