Rialto dF

Rialto dF

About "Rialto dF"

Rialto dF is a book face inspired by calligraphic tradition.

Named after the famous bridge in Venice, it was conceived as a bridge between calligraphy and typography, roman and italic.

It can also be thought of as an imaginary bridge between Italy and Austria, since it is the result of collaboration started in 1995 between the Austrian Lui Karner and Venetian Giovanni de Faccio.

The letterforms of Rialto dF were drawn directly in digital format with a starting point deriving from humanistic letterforms memorized in the hearts, minds and the manual ability of its designers… As tradition demands, uppercase, numerals and punctuation are used in combination with italics – the same solution adopted by Francesco Griffo when he cut his first italic for the Virgil, the first of the octavo series printed and published in Venice by Aldus Manutius in 1501.

Rialto dF comes in two optical weights: Piccolo, for up to 14 pt, and Grande for 15pt and above.

Alternate characters and various dingbats are also provided and these are available through OpenType features developed by type designer and technician Karsten Luecke.

Rialto dF font in use

폰트 패밀리

Rialto dF 폰트 패밀리

  • Rialto dF 01 Rg
    01 Rg

    Rialto dF 01 Rg 01 Rg

  • Rialto dF 02 It
    02 It

    Rialto dF 02 It 02 It

  • Rialto dF 03 Bd
    03 Bd

    Rialto dF 03 Bd 03 Bd

  • Rialto dF 04 BdIt
    04 BdIt

    Rialto dF 04 BdIt 04 BdIt

  • Rialto dF 05 Rg
    05 Rg

    Rialto dF 05 Rg 05 Rg

  • Rialto dF 06 It
    06 It

    Rialto dF 06 It 06 It


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