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Memphis is a decorative display sans-serif typeface designed by Dr.

Rudolf Wolf and released by the FontShop type foundry in 1929.

Distinguished by its art deco-inspired squarish yet narrow forms, irregular letter spacing, and ornaments, Memphis emulates the visual style of the 1920s with heavy rectangular clip-on serifs and interior gaps within letters.

Initially catching the eye of the contemporary avant-garde through its unconventional appearance, Memphis became popular for uses aimed to convey a distinct modernist aesthetic like advertisements, headline typography, and sign painting.

However, negative press from traditionalists regarding questionable legibility led FontShop to pull distribution until the digital age prompted rediscovery among retro design aficionados.

Today Memphis continues to represent a marker of 1920s modernism revived in applications from logos, graphics, textiles, architecture or any design scene requiring a strikingly quirky geometric flavor with vintage deco edge and flair.

Its idiosyncratic M and W forms remain signature calling cards of the typeface.

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Font family

Memphis Font family



  • Rudolf Wolf


Linotype Foundry

Linotype, which has been in operation for over a century, has a professionally managed font library that includes popular fonts like Helvetica, Neue Helvetica®, Linotype Didot™, Janson® Text, New Century Schoolbook®, and more. It is renowned for its production, marketing, and licensing of high-quality fonts. Over the years, their successful strategies have expanded in response to advancements in technology. As fonts are pivotal for all forms of visual communication, Linotype collaborates with designers and typographers to encourage global knowledge sharing and open dialogue. Monotype currently owns the Linotype font library.

Date released

Jan 01, 1970



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