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Mahameru Font Family was designed by Nur Syamsi and Bustanul Arifin, and was published by NamelaType.

It consists of 15 different styles.

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Font family

Mahameru Font family



  • Nur Syamsi

  • Bustanul Arifin


NamelaType Foundry

Nur Syamsi and Bustanul Arifin operate a type foundry based in Magelang, Indonesia. Their focus and interest lie in the harmonization of Latin and Arabic fonts. Their challenge is to find sophisticated solutions that ensure both languages are equal in weight, shape, and style, despite the opposite directions of the respective script flow. This task is undertaken to meet their own expectations and those of the readers.

Date released

Jul 10, 2021



※ Following licensing information is for reference only.

Please confirm the exact usage with the font owner(foundry or publisher).

  • * Webfont: A webfont can be used on a single domain on a website. Web design agencies or hosting providers managing multiple websites cannot share a single webfont license across these websites. Each loading of the webpage using the webfont kit (i.e. The @font-face rule in the webfont kit CSS) counts as a single pageview for every webfont in the webfont kit. An alternative for usage in graphic images shown on the website is a Desktop license. MyFonts offers three types of webfont licenses: Annual, Pay Once, and Pay As You Go. Only one out of these three will be available per webfont. Mahameru WebFont EULA

  • * Desktop: For use on a desktop workstation for both personal and professional use in desktop applications with a font menu, such as Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop etc. Create and print documents, along with static images (.jpeg, .tiff, .png) The desktop licenses are dependent on the number of users using the fonts. You can modify the number of users through the quantity dropdown on Buying Choices or Cart pages. Be sure to check the listing foundry's Desktop license agreement as it may have some restrictions. Desktop licenses can be cumulative. Mahameru Desktop EULA

  • * App: For embedding in mobile applications. Choose this license type when developing an app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone where you'll be embedding the font file in your mobile application code. Mahameru App EULA

  • * Digital Ad/Email: For use in HTML5 ads, such as embedding fonts into digital ads such as those created using HTML5. A kit containing webfonts for use in digital ads will be supplied. This license type makes sense for digital advertisements due to its usage patterns which is different from websites. Impression rates for advertisements fluctuate greatly month-to-month unlike website pageviews which are generally consistent. Mahameru Digital Ad/Email EULA

  • * Electronic Doc: For embedding in e-text products. This license permits embedding the font in an electronic publication like an eBook, eMagazine, eNewspaper or interactive PDF. This license type is based on the number of publications using the font. Each issue is considered a separate publication. Updated versions of publications that are accessible for free to previous customers do not require a new license. Mahameru Electronic Doc EULA

Scope of UsePermission
For use on a desktop workstation for personal and professional use and creation of static imagesX
For use on a single domain on a websiteX
For embedding in mobile applicationsX
For embedding in digital ads created using HTML5X
For embedding in e-text products such as eBooks, eMagazines etc.X


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