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Designed by Alif Ryan Zulfikar and published by Sakha Design, Bright Love contains 1 style.

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Bright Love
  • Alif Ryan Zulfikar


Sakha Design Foundry

Hi, my name is Alif Ryan Zulfikar, and I hail from Indonesia. I am the proprietor of Sakha Design, which came into existence in the year 2020 as a platform for my font compilation. We strive to craft fonts with a diverse range and a focus on emerging market trends. It is my sincere hope that each font I design enriches life and adds joy to the consumers, businesses, and a wide variety of individuals. I extend my heartfelt appreciation.

Date released

Jan 22, 2021



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  • * Desktop: This license type is for use on a desktop workstation and is both for personal and professional use. It can be used in desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. and for creating and printing documents, along with static images (.jpeg, .tiff, .png).

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Scope of UsePermission
For use on a desktop workstation for both personal and professional use.X
For use on a single website.X
For embedding in mobile applications.X
For embedding fonts into digital ads.O
For embedding in electronic publications.X


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