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This Font Family has been designed by Ingo Zimmermann and published by Ingo.

Consisting of 15 styles and family package options, this font serves a wide range of design applications.

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Analogue Pro
  • Ingo Zimmermann


Ingo Foundry

Ingo Zimmermann, a type design professional based in Augsburg, Germany, founded ingoFonts in 1994. He specializes in corporate and editorial design. He began his career in type design by cutting stencils out of paperboard for graffiti. During his studies, he started to publish his fonts under the ingoFonts label, starting with a black letter called 'Faber Fraktur.' He has since designed fonts of all styles, ranging from classical to modern, script fonts, and revivals of historic typefaces. His designs include Romans, sans serifs, decorative fonts, and special fonts like 'Biró Script' and 'Abs...'

Date released

Aug 12, 2021



※ Following licensing information is for reference only.

Please confirm the exact usage with the font owner(foundry or publisher).

  • * Webfont: Permitted for use on a single domain. Cannot be shared across multiple websites by agencies. Consider a Desktop license for graphic images on the website. Three types of webfont licenses are provided: Annual, Pay Once, and Pay As You Go.

  • * Desktop: Permitted for use on a desktop workstation for both personal and professional uses. For use in desktop applications like Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Desktop licenses are based on the number of users.

  • * App: Permitted for embedding in mobile applications for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

  • * Electronic Doc: Permitted for embedding in e-text products such as an eBook, eMagazine, eNewspaper, or interactive PDF. This license is based on the number of publications in which the font is used.

  • * Digital Ad/Email: Permitted for use in HTML5 ads. A Digital Ads license must be purchased is due to its terms allowing usage in digital ads and advertising networks.

Scope of UsePermission
Usage on a single domainX
Common personal and professional uses, desktop applicationsX
Embedding in mobile applicationsX
Embedding in e-text productsX
Usage in HTML5 adsX


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