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IwataShinKaisho KanaA

About "IwataShinKaisho KanaA"

It is a gana family typeface of 'Iwata Shinja' designed with a new sense.

The design is conscious of the flow of the brush, which is effective in using the vertical seeds.

IwataShinKaisho KanaA font in use

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IwataShinKaisho KanaA Font family

  • IwataShinKaisho KanaA H

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IwataShinKaisho KanaA
  • Iwata


Iwata, Foundry

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Scope of UsePermission
Offline books, magazines, periodicals, brochures, catalogs, calendars, newspaper ads, magazine ads, offline print ads, product packaging, etc. all rangesX
Web page design, banner ads on web pages, email, webtoons, in-house newsletters, e-catalogs, electronic brochures, newsletters, web design images, etc. all rangesX
YouTube, commercials, commercial films, music videos, etc. all videosX
Internal documents within the organization, presentations for internal distribution, certificates, manuscripts, reports, free distribution official document formats, etc. all documentsX
Name, brand name, product name, logo, mark, slogan, catchphrase, etc. all rangesX
Wireless and wired video courses, books, electronic brochures, webzines, etc. all rangesX
Game UI, app UI, software UI, etc. all rangesX
Stamps, mouse pads, mugs, checks, credit cards, wallpaper, tiles, verticals, clothing, items produced using fonts through 3D printing, etc. all rangesX
Outdoor signs, banners, etc. all rangesX
All other usesX


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